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As international borders have become more and more invisible in the world of business, the need for professionals linking different cultures has been greater than ever. Whether it is for translation services, meeting mediations, business deals big and small, or just simply an intermediary for your specific need; We are just the right answer for you.

Meeting Mediation

If you are conducting business in Brazil and you feel as though you would like someone to translate a meeting, please let us help you.

Translation Services

Even if this is for a 3-way phone call, whatever you need, we are here for you.

Real Estate

Are you looking into investing in property in Brazil, but do not know where to begin as far as location or realtors? We can get you in the right direction in finding the right professionals or researching area demographics to suit your needs.

Legal Issues

Are you expanding into Brazil or re-locating into Brazil with your company? We can help you get the exact lawyer you need for your transition to make sure you are following current laws under the Brazilian Government. This can include help getting set up with Federal ID numbers as well.


Should you have the need to some prior trip information on Brazilian business etiquette, culture, or anything in specific to your trip for you and your employees. We can customize this option to your need.
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Travel Arrangements

Whether this is for business or pleasure, we can help you make it as hassle free as possible.
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You make the call. Whatever you think you may need that would benefit your situation; feel free to propose the idea. We are here to help you with your business.
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